Lifestylz may release printed or advanced markdown coupons (“coupons”) from time to time. Such coupons may be accessible through the site and/or from third-party websites, in magazines, and other media. Coupons can be utilized to secure a rebate on the location as long as the coupon is substantial. Given expiry dates cannot be moved.

Promotional coupons are issued at Lifestylz’s Website. Clients do not have the proper promotional coupons and can’t gain them. 

Promotional coupons are issued with particular terms and conditions that control how and when they can be utilized. For case, certain coupons may be product-specific in that they are as it were substantial against a chosen gathering of items. Avoidances may too exist with certain coupons, e.g. not substantial for extras. The onus is on the customer to check the complete coupon T&Cs to guarantee they get the coupon’s applications and limitations. 

In common, unless something else indicated on the coupon itself: a coupon is as it were substantial for 30 days from the date of the issue. A coupon can as it was being used against a buy on the website when the purcharse, meets the terms and conditions as indicated on the coupon. 

Only one coupon can be used per shopping cart. Coupons are not transferable and cannot be traded for cash. The discount esteem of the coupon will be deducted from the overall amount.

Creation of different Lifestylz accounts, with distinctive mail addresses, in arrange to utilize a coupon on numerous occasions, his mishandling of the advantage and Lifestylz saves the correct to not release these orders. Should you like to return an item you have purchased using a coupon: 

a. In case you have recovered a coupon against a buy, and you’d like to return all things purchased, Lifestylz will discount you or credit your account with the rand value of the buy. Please refer to the particular terms and conditions on the coupon for data on whether it’ll be restored and the terms that will apply. 

b. On the off chance that you’ve got a coupon against a buy and after that return a few of the items obtained, Lifestylz will allocate the esteem of the coupon over the pertinent things within the cart and after that discount you the significant rand sum based on the things being returned. 

c. On the off chance that you have got used a coupon against a buy and after that return a few of the items purchased, LifeStylz will recalculate the overall value of your purchase AFTER the returned product(s) has/have been deducted. In case the recalculated buy esteem no longer meets the terms and conditions related to the coupon, LifeStylz saves the right to deduct the value of the coupon off the discount for the returns, or, ought to you’ve got credit in your old account, to charge the value of the coupon of your account balance.

Promotional coupons cannot:

  • Be used to buy gift vouchers
  • Be exchanged for cash
  • Be transferred to anyone else
  • Be used together with any other promotion, pieces already on sale or items discounted as part of another promotional sale.